Levy's Leathers Releases New Veg-Tan Leather Straps

The straps will be available in burnt olive, tan, and burgundy.

Winnipeg, Canada (January 7, 2015) -- Levy’s Leathers introduces the MV17HD01 strap, the newest offering in the company’s diverse product line. These hand-dyed veg-tan leather guitar straps with suede backing represent a modern 21st century style, but are reminiscent of the 1960s. The untreated natural veg-tan leather accepts the hand-dyed wash in a way that exposes the natural grain of the leather, making each strap unique. A clear sealant provides an added gloss to these straps – so they look terrific, even as they offer great comfort.

The MV17HD01 is available in Burnt Olive (BLV), Tan (TAN) and Burgundy (BRG).

Suggested retail price is $155.54.

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