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Lovepedal Releases the Hi Volt

The Hi Volt is internally charged to 16 volts for more headroom.

Detroit, MI (February 25, 2014) -- Lovepedal has unleashed the Hi Volt, the company’s newest original design pedal.

The Hi Volt is a mid- to high-gain dirt box, with a fully saturated effect that is internally charge-pumped to 16VDC, and brandishes a high headroom, custom-tuned 3-band active EQ. This high-voltage configuration allows for very flexible and potent sonic possibilities, ranging from blues to metal and everything in between.

With its generous low-end wallop, the Hi Volt creates amazing depth and three-dimensional mass with an amp or rig of any size. Now your compact combo amp can sound like a towering full stack, simply by engaging the Hi Volt’s unique circuitry.

As you increase the Hi Volt’s “Bass” control, you can add warmth and body to your tone without the signal getting loose or tubby. The Hi Volt is a very tight effect and responds to rapidly changing playing dynamics, just like your favorite tube amp would.

With the gain knob set at around 9 o’clock, you get a tight, British clang that nails your favorite 70’s classic rock riffs. Set the gain at 1 o’clock for more saturation from signing lead tones to 90’s grunge riffage. Setting the gain around 3 o’clock will deliver some of the most brutal tones to ever come out of a stomp box.


  • Five knobs to control Level, Gain, Treble, Mid and Bass
  • 16-volt, high headroom, active three-band EQ
  • Bias-controlled internal trim pot for further tone shaping
  • Incredibly amp-like
  • Hand-built in the USA with love and care
  • True bypass on/off switch
  • 9-volt standard DC input / 9-volt battery compartment

The Hi Volt carries a suggested retail price of $225.95 and can be purchased directly from the Lovepedal online store.

Watch the company's video demo:

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