A powerful humbucker that is designed for 6-, 7-, and 8-string guitars.

Jönköping, Sweden (April 4, 2018) -- After many years of success with the P.A.F Heaven '57 and M-Series Lundgren pickups, the company now releases the Black Heaven

The Swedish company builds handmade premium quality pickups that are used by guitar brands as Ibanez, Hagstrom, .strandberg, and artists Like Grammy winners Ghost, Meshuggah, Scott Gorham, and Tosin Abasi. Owner and maker Johan Lundgren says Black Heaven gives you plenty of power with a wide frequency response and excellent dynamics. The Neck model is both articulate and juicy, so lead players will appreciate its depth and sonic complexity. Available in 6-, 7- and 8-string models. THe 6-string models are also available with a black nickel cover or drop-top black nickel. These humbuckers are available in either bridge or neck model or a full calibrated set.


  • Modern sound
  • Hand built in Sweden, Scandinavia.
  • Powerful, tight, and organic
  • Wide frequency response
  • Default ceramic Bridge pickup or optional AlNiCo Bridge pickup
  • Matte black bobbins-Subtle Logo on open models
  • 4-conductor cable for all switching options
  • Rich harmonics and Excellent dynamics
  • For 6, 7 and 8 stringed guitars
  • DC resistance Bridge 10,4K Ohm.  DC resistance Neck 8,56K  Ohm.
  • Open black, 6 stringed models also available in Black Nickel or Drop-Top

Black Heaven 6-string models are $159 Each. Also sold as sets for $299. Can be bought from Axe palace, www.axepalace.com, Conklin guitars, www.conklinguitars.com or directly from www.lundgrenpickups.com

Watch the company's video demo:

For more information:
Lundgren Guitar Pickups

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