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Maestro Guitars Releases Double Top Series of Acoustic Guitars

Maestro Guitars Releases Double Top Series of Acoustic Guitars

The Double Top series consists of seven different models with two different tonewood combinations.

Singapore (November 7, 2013) -- Committed to make boutique handcrafted instruments more accessible, Maestro Guitars is proud to launch Double To Series, the first ever entire line of Double Top acoustic guitars that are available off-the-rack. The Double Top Soundboards of these guitars are made from 2 layers of wood with NOMEX honeycomb as its core material making it lighter yet stronger and increases the responsiveness, projection, sustain, fundamentals and overtones of the guitar.

Double Top Series is available in 7 models with 2 tonewood combination, Khaya Mahogany (MDT) and Madagascar Rosewood (MRDT), all models are furnished with Maestro custom options such as Soundport, Bevelled Armrest, and S-R-S Ultra Bracing System.

With the new Double To Series, players can now own a boutique-level instrument with the following features at a price that is unheard of:


  • Double Top using Nomex as a core making the top lighter while maintaining structural integrity
  • Increased projection and threshold
  • Responsive even to the lightest touch
  • Richer fundamentals and overtones
  • Prolonged sustain and increased natural reverb
  • Comes with Soundport, Bevelled Armrest, and S-R-S Ultra Bracing System and Maestro standard carbon fiber reinforced Khaya Mahogany neck
  • Available in solid Khaya Mahogany and solid Madagascar Rosewood back and sides
  • Available in Dreadnought, 000, Small Jumbo, Medium Jumbo and Travel-Size

Suggested retail price is $2,199 for MDT (Khaya Mahogany) $2,999 for MRDT (Madagascar Rosewood).

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