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Michael Kelly Guitars Unveils Mod Shop Options

Michael Kelly Guitars Unveils Mod Shop Options

The new Mod Shop offers the option to select from seven different mods done in the U.S.A. shop on some of their best-selling models.

Anaheim, CA (January 11, 2016) -- Great pickup brands like Bare Knuckles, Lindy Fralin and TV Jones often are the pickups of choice for high-end boutique guitars. With the Mod Shop program Michael Kelly Guitars takes another big step in putting boutique within reach for more players. The new Mod Shop offers the option to select from 7 different mods done in the Michael Kelly U.S.A. shop on some of their best selling models.

A Mod Shop guitar is customized using a predefined combination of pickups along with hot-modded wiring enhancements. This is offered on models from Michael Kelly’s 50’s Series, 60’s Series and Patriot Collection. Michael Kelly collaborated with its pickup partners to get just the right combination. The new collaboration with UK based Bare Knuckle Pickups includes a Mod on the Patriot Instinct model and a 60’s series model. The first Mod Shop model with TV Jones Pickups is also from the enduring Patriot series. Seymour Duncan pickups are featured in a new Mod Shop1967 model. Michael Kelly also expanded its on-going partnership with Lindy Fralin and will now offer two Mod Shop models with USA hand-wound Lindy Fralin pickups at their heart.

“We are excited to be able to offer our great instruments with these unbelievable pickups from some of the true masters in the field” Michael Kelly founder Tracy Hoeft stated. He added “with the addition of these pickups and our new mods these are boutique instruments in every sense and they will not break the bank. We are thrilled to be able to bring boutique instruments to more players”.

The full Michael Kelly Mod Shop program will launch at the NAMM 2016 show in Anaheim, CA. Expect to see more partners and models as this program expands.

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