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Mooer Releases the UK Gold PLX and Blueno Micro Preamps

The latest additions aim to cop both British and Americian tones.


Shenzhen, China (November 15, 2018) -- Mooer have just announced the latest addition to their ever-expanding range of dual channel micro preamp pedals. These pocket-sized preamps provide musicians with a convenient way of attaining tones from some of the most revered and popular tube amps in the world, at a fraction of the space and cost. With this release come recreations of two extremely famous and hard to obtain tube amps, bringing the Micro Preamp lineup to an even 20.

Models 019 and 020 are a dynamic duo of tone, with the UK Gold PLX offering up classic-rock royalty and the Blueno offering up the finest in American boutique.

019 - UK Gold PLX - A faithful recreation of a 1967 50-watt British classic. Mooer sampled an excellent example of this amplifier from the personal collection of Tracii Guns in 2017. Synonymous with 70’s classic rock, this Micro Preamp goes from crisp, glistening cleans with lots of detail on the blue channel, to classic overdrive with biting mids and just the right amount of low end sag to relive that fully cranked experience of years gone by.

020 - Blueno - Obtain the unobtainable. The Mooer Blueno contains two channels that have been directly sampled from a hand-built, 36-watt Class A masterpiece that some have hailed as “The world's finest sounding amp”. The blue channel has a silky chime that is deep, spacious and sensuous. The red channel supplies a cranked ballsy tone with exquisite upper-end sparkle, rich harmonics and singing sustain.

Key features:

  • Dual channels with independent Gain, Volume and EQ.
  • Dual footswitch modes for regular on/off or A/B channel switching.
  • Optional built in Cab Sim for going direct to the PA or straight into your audio interface for recording.

Micro Preamps 19 and 20 will be available from official Mooer dealers and distributors worldwide at a street price of around $99 USD each.

For more information:
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