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Mu-Fx Unveils the Boostron 3

Mu-Fx Unveils the Boostron 3

A three-in-one pedal that was created in cooperation with Rand Anderson.

Encinitas, CA (March 17, 2016) -- Musitronics founder Mike Beigel, creator of the fabled Mu-Tron III, has collaborated with professional guitarist Rand Anderson to develop a unique new stompbox for guitar. In a compact and robust aluminum enclosure, this pedal is packed with features that drive, compress and overdrive your guitar and control other pedals that are attached to it.

The NEW Mu-FX Boostron 3 is three pedals in one… and three you might never want to turn off:

  • BLASTER: Based upon an Alembic Stratoblaster® FET clean boost preamp
  • SQUEEZER: Based upon a Musitronics/Dan Armstrong Orange Squeezer compressor
  • SLACKER: Based upon a Pro Co RAT versatile distortion processor
  • FX LOOP: For inserting additional effects within the signal processing chain

Price: $299.95

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