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Neural DSP Introduces the Quad Cortex

Neural DSP Introduces the Quad Cortex

The company's first hardware unit comes armed with 2GHz of dedicated DSP from its Quad-Core SHARC and dual ARM architecture. That's enough firepower to run four rigs simultaneously.

Helsinki, Finland (January 10, 2020) -- Helsinki-based software plugins and DSP technology leader Neural DSP has announced their first hardware unit, the Quad Cortex. Offering radically more processing power than other floor units, the Quad Cortex comes armed with 2GHz of dedicated DSP from its Quad-Core SHARC® and dual ARM architecture. This allows for uncompromising sound quality, as well as more simultaneous amp models, digital effects, routing and sound-shaping capabilities than previously available in any single floor unit.

Neural's unique modeling methods, powered by machine learning techniques, have already been recognized as the cutting-edge in audio algorithm development. The Quad Cortex offers the user an expandable library of virtual devices more sonically accurate and expressive than anything available to players in this format before.

"For the past 2 years, the Neural team has been defying what we believed to be possible with not only audio algorithm development, but with mechanical, industrial and user experience design as well. Quad Cortex is the most powerful floor modeler unit on the planet, but it's also delivered in an extremely compact format. Fitted with a 7” multi-touch screen, proprietary rotary footswitch controls, and enough processing power to run 4 rigs simultaneously, we've truly put everything we have into making the most flexible, intuitive, and powerful device on the market." - Doug Castro, founder and CEO of Neural DSP.

Neural Capture is powered by a unique neural network architecture that is capable of autonomously analyzing, learning, and replicating an amplifier's sound and dynamic response akin to human perception.

"Quad Cortex is the first device of its kind equipped with biomimetic artificial intelligence technology. Users can capture their favorite rigs' tones with an unparalleled level of accuracy and realism."

Neural's Quad Cortex is available as a limited pre-order at and will be available from Select Dealers in 2020.

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