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ObsidianWire Unveils J + P Bass Wiring Upgrades

ObsidianWire Unveils J + P Bass Wiring Upgrades

The upgrades include matched CTS pots, NOS capacitors, and solderless connectors.

Christchurch, New Zealand (July 3, 2015) -- Following the success of their upgrade wiring harnesses for electric guitars ObsidianWire has released a new range of professional grade upgrade wiring harnesses for J & P style Bass.

The upgrades use premium grade electronics for unrivaled clarity and control and with the super solid and easy to use solder-less connectors YOU can do the install faster and easier than ever before, and enjoy pickup changes without the solder burns.


  • Hand Selected & Matched CTS Pots– Greater clarity and consistent response
  • NOS Paper in Oil Capacitors – The bench mark in smooth audio control & clarity
  • Treble Bleed / Volume Mod – Retains treble when you roll back your volume
  • Solid Solder-less Connectors – Makes install & pickup changes fast and super easy (These work with most standard two wire pickups)

The P Bass Style Kits are set at $62.99 with kits for J Bass going for $69

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