Need to simulate bass lines? This new stomp offers both octave and sampling features.

La Spezia, Italy (May 15, 2020) -- Asteroide can sample a bass note when the sample footswitch is pushed. The sampled note is played back following input envelope. Various controls can mix the dry signal with the sampled signal at fundamental, low octave and higher harmonics.

It can be useful to create simulated bass lines following playing style in a dynamical way or create harmonically complex riff and chord progressions. Can be used as an alternative to standard loop recorders by solo players, for practicing, as a tool for music composition and to experiment alternative approaches at guitar playing.

It offers the following features:

  • Seven controls: SAMPLE footswitch, DUAL or SINGLE mode sampling, FUNDAMENTAL, LOW OCT, HIGH HARMONICS, 2 ND HARMONIC and MIX
  • Transparent dry signal path
  • STEREO output
  • Standard 9-volt DC input

Asteroide carries street prices of €180. It can be purchased directly from OPFXS online store or from selected dealers.

Watch the company's video demo:

For more information:

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