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Roland Announces the MOBILE AC Acoustic Chorus Amp & the MOBILE BA Stereo Amp

Ultra-compact and battery-powered acoustic amp and PA

Los Angeles, CA (September 13, 2012) – Roland is pleased to introduce the MOBILE AC, the latest addition to its industry-leading lineup of AC-series Acoustic Chorus Amplifiers for acoustic guitar. Ultra-compact and battery-powered, the affordable MOBILE AC is ideal for both playing and singing, including beginning guitar students, open-mic and street performers, and anyone that desires a convenient, go-anywhere amp to use with their acoustic-electric guitar.

Designed to travel, the MOBILE AC delivers big sound in a package that can easily fit into a backpack. The amp can be used for up to 15 hours at a time when powered with six AA alkaline batteries, so players can take it anywhere. From home to coffee house to the outdoors and beyond, the MOBILE AC delivers clean, spacious, and surprisingly powerful stereo sound from a compact amp.

A simple-to-operate three-channel mixer allows users to simultaneously connect a guitar, mic, and backing music to the MOBILE AC and control their volumes independently. There are dedicated GUITAR and MIC channels, as well as an AUDIO channel with an 1/8-inch stereo mini jack and stereo RCA jacks for connecting an iPod®, laptop computer, smartphone, CD player, or other music playback device.

Built-in effects include Roland’s famous stereo chorus, as well as a “Wide” effect that adds a dramatic spaciousness to the sound. Also onboard is a digital reverb specifically designed for acoustic guitar, with easy single-knob operation that simultaneously controls both the level and depth of the effect.

Connecting headphones to the PHONES jack mutes the MOBILE AC’s speakers, allowing users to practice privately with backing music and guitar effects. There’s also a DC IN jack for powering the MOBILE AC with an optional AC adaptor when AC power is readily available.

Roland is also pleased to announce the MOBILE BA Stereo Mobile Amplifier, a super-compact portable PA system that runs on batteries or AC power. Light enough for a child to carry, the MOBILE BA provides high-quality sound for voice and music playback in a variety of applications, such as intimate musical performances, school events, meetings, dance/exercise studios, and many others.

The MOBILE BA is the newest and smallest member of Roland’s popular BA-series lineup of all-in-one portable PAs. Weighing under six pounds, it delivers surprisingly rich and full stereo sound from its two 4-inch speakers. Six AA alkaline batteries provide up to 15 hours of continuous use indoors or out, while an optional AC adaptor can be used in situations where AC power is readily available.

A simple-to-operate three-channel mixer provides independent volume control of input sources connected to the MOBILE BA. Inputs include a MIC channel, stereo LINE channel, and a PC/AUDIO channel with an 1/8-inch stereo mini jack and stereo RCA jacks for connecting an iPod®, laptop computer, smartphone, CD player, or other music playback device.

The built-in reverb/echo effect can be applied to the Mic channel, providing a pleasing ambience for singers. A Center Cancel feature on the PC/AUDIO channel allows users to minimize vocals and other center-located sounds from commercial music, perfect for karaoke sing-alongs and “minus-one” vocal practice. Also included is a useful automatic Anti-Feedback function that eliminates howling sounds that can occur when a microphone is positioned close to the speakers.

With its ultra-compact design and battery-powered operation, the MOBILE BA is extremely convenient and useful for everyday amplification needs at schools, businesses, houses of worship, and more. It’s easy to set up and use anywhere, and can even be mounted on a mic stand for enhanced sound projection.

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