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Roland Unveils the Blues Cube Artist and Blues Cube Stage Amps

Roland Unveils the Blues Cube Artist and Blues Cube Stage Amps

The Blues Cube Artist features 80 watts of power, while the Blues Cube Stage is equipped with 60 watts.

Los Angeles, CA (June 15, 2014) -- Roland is pleased to announce the Blues Cube Artist and Blues Cube Stage, two new 1x12 combo amplifiers with genuine tube tone and feel. Featuring Roland’s unique Tube Logic design, the Blues Cube amps deliver the rich sound and musical touch response of finely tuned vintage tube combos, along with convenient modern features and reduced weight for easy portability.

The Blues Cube series offers serious guitarists a highly evolved sound experience with the very latest advancements in Roland guitar innovation. Road-tested and fine-tuned with feedback from top players, these gig-ready combos deliver the sweet, magical tone and satisfying feel that makes a great guitar amp a highly expressive musical instrument.

Going far beyond modeling, Roland’s Tube Logic approach starts by carefully reproducing the inner workings of the revered tweed-era tube amp in every way, including preamp and output tube distortion characteristics, power supply compression, and much more. Great feel, distortion control with touch and volume, warmth, elasticity, sparkle, power supply “sag,” and more—everything that players love about a dialed-in vintage tube amp is present in abundance with the Blues Cube.

The Blues Cube Artist features 80 watts of power, while the Blues Cube Stage is equipped with 60 watts. Designed for performing pro guitarists, both amps have open-back cabinets built from poplar plywood, which provides an acoustically vibrant tone for enhanced presence on stage. Each amp is outfitted with a custom 12-inch speaker that’s been specially designed for maximum tonal response with Tube Logic.

Both Blues Cube models offer two independent channels—one voiced for cleaner tones, and the other for crunch. Each channel has its own Boost and Tone switches to shape the character, and the Crunch channel has a variable gain control for setting subtle distortion and response in combination with the volume knobs. A unique Dual Tone mode lets players blend both channels together for expanded tonal possibilities.

With Tube Logic, the Blues Cube accurately reproduces the complex output tube distortion characteristics of a tube amp when the volume is turned up. The Blues Cube’s variable Power Control provides settings of 0.5 W, 15 W, 45 W, and Max, allowing users to enjoy this musical, cranked-up tone while matching the volume to any situation, from recording to rehearsals to nightclub gigs.

Both amps are equipped with a high-quality reverb effect. The Blues Cube Artist also includes a tremolo effect, as well as an effects loop for patching in an external device. Footswitch jacks are provided for remote control of channel selection and other functions while performing.

The Blues Cube Artist and Blues Cube Stage also feature USB connectivity, making it simple for players to capture tones directly into their favorite computer recording applications.

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