Schaller Releases Da Vinci Tuners

The Da Vinci tuner is designed to open up a fresh and original dimension to guitar tuning and tuner design.

Germany (January 4, 2012) -- Schaller has announced the release of their new Da Vinci tuner, designed to open up a fresh and original dimension to guitar tuning and tuner design.

The Da Vinci is available in 24K Gold, Nickel, Ruthenium, Chrome, SatinPearl, BlackChrome, SatinChrome, and thee handfinished VintageCopper. The new tuners feature a total of nine individual components - from housing to tuning button, from bushing to screw, from shaft to peg to drive and more.

While the Da Vinci's unique window -- specially hardened and UV-resistant -- is designed to let you enjoy the beauty of design and functionality, as well as protecting the precious inner life from environmental influences. Schaller says the Da Vinci is a state-of-the-art tuning machine featuring flawless construction, ultra smooth action and unparalleled tuning stability. The worm gear has been completely redesigned to provide previously unknown tuning precision in a machine head of this type. Featuring a new surface, this tunehead provides the same delicate fine tuning normally associated with enclosed greased machine heads.

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