Scott Walker Guitars Unveils the Electro

The guitar features a nodal neck joint for increased sustain.

Santa Cruz, CA (September 11, 2014) -- Adding to the companies well established line of boutique guitars, Scott Walker has unveiled a new guitar, The Electro.

At the heart of the guitar is Scott's signature Nodal neck joint. The neck extends under the pickups to the bridge cavity. This unique feature allows the neck to be bolted on at a nodal point, exciting the neck and structure, giving the player a more interactive playing experience. Sustain, clarity and full timbre tones are characteristics that dominate the experience.

The 3/4" machined aluminum bridge is inlayed into the body and bolted on through the back, providing maximum stiffness and coupling. By keeping the overall string length short (top-loading), the player can bend with more ease, while the bridge being bolted on through the back gives superior energy transfer like a “string-though” guitar. The best of both worlds.

The Electro is a result of years of research and applying various construction techniques, both modern and traditional. Its simple and elegant body design is ergonomically very familiar and easy to play.

The Electro is built by Scott Walker Guitars in Santa Cruz, California. Retail pricing is $3650.

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