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Skreddy Pedals Releases the Super 100

Skreddy Pedals Releases the Super 100

Designed to emulate the sound of a cranked British 100-watt amp.

Carson City, NV (September 11, 2020) -- The third and definitely most fire-breathing in their series of amp emulators, Skreddy Pedals has released the new Super 100, designed to emulate the classic and much sought-after sound of the cranked British 100-Watt series of amps, typically played through a massive stack of speakers in order to fill an entire arena with sound. Marc Ahlfs, the founder and designer, says he worked intently on this circuit so that it would both nail Page's live sound with a Les Paul and Hendrix's with a Stratocaster. Not the slick or buzz-saw style distortion of a typical "Marshall" patterned distortion pedal, the Skreddy Super 100 retains a chimey articulation and dynamic, transparent feel even at max drive settings and responds intuitively to guitar volume and picking technique.

The SAG knob controls the optical compressor/limiter circuit to tighten up the output at clockwise or permit full, punchy, wall-shaking dynamics at counter-clockwise. You might find you're "in the pocket" with the SAG control at about noon.

Can be powered by a standard 9v adapter or a 9v battery. True bypass switching. Robust transparent gold powder-coated finish over lightly brushed cast-aluminum enclosure. Marshall-amp style knobs.

Where to buy: you can order directly from Skreddy Pedals here

Price: $239, with 10% discount available for those wishing to apply 1/2 down and wait a month for the builder to make your pedal.

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