Strandberg Announces the Boden Neck-Thru Fusion & Metal Models

A pair of new production models that feature the company's futuristic look and neck-thru design.

Riverside, CA (October 21, 2019) -- The Boden Neck-Thru is the pinnacle of the original Boden design that had been available in the past only as a custom Made to Measure instrument. Now, this state-of-the-art design is finally available as a production model for discriminating players who want the ultimate in playability and a full robust tone that cuts through the mix like no other as well as the same ergonomic features that the Boden is known for.

Featuring the acclaimed neck-thru-body construction for unparalleled upper register access, the Boden Neck-Thru offers playability that has to be experienced to be believed. To top it all off, this stunning instrument delivers a big rich sound that is not a characteristic associated with neck-thru-body construction. Punchier and more focused than the bolt-on design, the Boden Neck-Thru is sonically versatile and suits virtually any playing style or musical genre.

Two years in the making through painstaking development efforts, the new Boden Neck-Thru models have been highly anticipated by guitarists who seek exceptional upper register access without sacrificing tone and versatility. Now, these stunning instruments are finally available for the discriminating guitarists and musicians who will settle for nothing but the very best from a modern and forward-looking electric guitar.

Available in 6-String Metal Fixed Bridge and 6-String Tremolo “Fusion” Models:

Boden 6 Neck-Thru Pricing:

  • $2495.00 (6-String Fixed Bridge “Metal”)
  • $2895.00 (6-String Tremolo “Fusion”)

Available Now!

  • USA: Direct through
  • EUROPE: Direct through

For more information:
Strandberg Guitars

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