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Sublime Guitar Company Unveils New Line of Pedals

The line includes the Chunky Brogan Distortion, Mobin Overdrive, Pep-Pep Delay, and the Hippy Joel Overdrive.

Tampa, FL (November 10, 2014) -- After several years of development, Sublime Guitar Co. (SGC) used a successful Kickstarter campaign to help fund their first series of production pedals: Chunky Brogan Distortion, Mobin Overdrive, Pep-Pep Delay, and the Hippy Joel Overdrive.

The Chunky Brogan is a true bypass, high gain stomp box with a large dynamic range and colorful harmonic overtones. The 2-way switch offers a normal mode when switched to the left. When switched to the right, it filters some of the highs and gives you a very creamy distortion. You can back down the drive level and create a very nice dynamic overdrive as well.

The Mobin is a true bypass overdrive with many different tone options. The 3 position diode selector gives you a variety of overdrive tones. In the down position, the pedal has more British style tone. In the up position, the Symetrical Overdrive mode has a tube-like organic sounding overdrive. The middle position is a great mode for a clean boost style overdrive and has more than enough gain to really drive your amp. All of these options make this a dynamic overdrive that will work in any musical situation.

The Pep-Pep is a true bypass, analog voiced delay. We have tuned the delay to create a very ambient soundscape. The Pep-Pep is well suited for a secondary delay that helps add space to your guitar mix. It can also be used as a primary solo-type delay that helps give your lead and coloring parts more dimension.

The Hippy Joel is a true bypass, natural and transparent sounding overdrive. This pedal really shines as a boost style overdrive to enhance your amp’s tone, or in use with other pedals. The great mid range of this pedal helps your tone cut through the mix. When the drive is turned up, a throaty overdrive sound is achieved as well.

All four pedals are available now at for $99.99 each.

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