We scoured the NAMM floor during the final day to dig up some wicked-cool gear from Wampler, Chase Bliss, B.A. Ferguson, JAM Pedals, and more.

PG editors pick their top gear from the second day of Summmer NAMM 2016. See everything from day 3 in our photo gallery.

Wampler Ego Compressor Micro

The latest creation from Wampler Pedals is a micro-sized Ego Compressor that's exactly like its big brother. The only exception is that the tone and attack controls are now mini-toggle switches that go between a pair of popular settings. It will street for $179 and will drop in September.

Balaguer Guitars The Thicket

For their ‪‎NAMM‬ debut, Pennsylvania-based Balaguer Guitars showed off an interesting take on a T-style guitar. The Thicket sports a pair of Balaguer "Hemlock" Evergreen humbuckers, coil taps for single-coil tones, and a wonderfully inviting hard rock maple neck. There are various options available when ordering and the base price will be $850.

Schecter Jeff Loomis Cygnus JLX-1FR

Shred ain't dead. So says Arch Enemy guitarist Jeff Loomis with the new for‪ ‎NAMM‬ 7-string Schecter Guitars Jeff Loomis Cygnus JLX-1FR. The cherry colored demon follows his 6-string Schecter model with neck-thru construction, a swamp ash body, 3-piece maple neck, glow in the dark side dots, a 25.5" C-shape profile, a Floyd Rose 1500 vibrato system, Grovers tuners, and Loomis' signature Seymour Duncan pickups, naturally.

Chase Bliss Tonal Recall

Mating analog sounds and circuits with digital controls is Chase Bliss Audio founder Joel Korte's passion. He had two new entries for ‪NAMM‬. The Tonal Recall delay—an advance model is reviewed in the brand new August issue of Premier Guitar—is built around a pair of re-issued versions of the legendary MN3005 bucket-brigade chips, and it's a silky-smooth delay with a bonus control for tone, a tap tempo button and an input for an expression pedal. Streets for $399.

East Amplification Duality

PG Ask Amp Man columnist extraordinaire Jeff Bober brought his full line of East Amplification Duality amps to Nashville ‪NAMM‬. Available in heads and combos driven by 6V6 or KT66 power sections ranging from 20 to 40 watts, they feature three voicing modes—American, British, and East's custom, mid-bumped mode—they feature two channels with a shared EQ, footswitchable boost and "BoberFET" clipping circuit, and an effects loop.

JAM Pedals Delay Llama Supreme

Athens-based JAM Pedals also brought the delectably zen Delay Llama Supreme to Summer NAMM. It starts with lush, warm repeats, but then adds a footswitchable modulation circuit, Q control, 3-position note-division switch, and expression-pedal control of both delay level and time.

B.A. Ferguson Classic Class

B.A. Ferguson Guitars came to ‪‎NAMM‬ with two new, lower-priced Classic Class solidbodies featuring handshaped bodies and necks. The Grifter (left) features a Mustang-ish outline and McNelly Autumn and Stagger Swagger pickups, while the Shirley features Porter Greewind humbuckers. Both feature a shortened T-style bridge, a 3-way selector, a volume knob, and a concentric tone control whose upper portion is a bass contour that yields spankier tones. Both guitars street for $1,499.

Switching between contrasting reverb voices doubles the fun.

Smart, versatile, interactive and rangeful controls. Intuitive. Capable of great contrasts between A/B presets. Sturdy enclosure. Effective damping controls tame twee high-octave overtones.

Can’t switch reverb voices as you switch presets. Enclosure is big relative to depth of functionality. No-fun styling.


Fender Dual Marine Layer


Fender and reverb go together like gumbo and rice. Historically, the spring tanks in the company’s amplifiers and tube-driven outboard units have defined the Fender reverb sound. But in 2018, when Fender released the Marine Layer digital reverb, it did not include a spring reverb emulation. The new Dual Marine Layer doesn’t have a spring emulation either. Instead, it’s brimming with sounds and functions well-suited for less retro-reverb expressions, including thick chorus textures and shimmer reverb, and has a soft-relay sustain switch that enables momentary creation of ambient beds. It’s also capable of some very classy, subdued reverb colors, plus a few that can effectively stand in for spring and plate sounds in a pinch.

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