You’ve spent good money on your pedals, so don’t skimp on the ties that bind.

This month we’ve rounded up 10 grab-and-go patch cable options that will help preserve your signal and keep your pedalboard running strong.


American StageThese patch cables feature Geo-Tip technology for ultra-secure connections and audiophile-quality wire to aid in delivering pure, natural tone.
$25 street


Boasting a dual-shielded design to reject outside noise, these cables also feature Neutrik connectors, 100-percent oxygen-free wire, and a “soft-touch” jacket.
$24 street


Premium Gold
With a flat design and super-compact contacts for freeing up space on a pedalboard, these cables also feature very low resistance and capacitance for clean sounds without signal loss.
$9 street


These cables utilize rhodium-plated, Oyaide connectors and feature a solid-silver inner conductor for better high-frequency transmission and increased headroom for overtones.
$99 street


Blue Line
These patch cables were designed for long life with heat-shrink strain reliefs to reduce torque on solder joints, dense 20-gauge copper wire, and rugged, Neutrik nickel-plated connectors.
$13 street


Mini Coil
Able to stretch from 6" to 12", these cables are intended to stay dead quiet thanks to an inner PVC jacket—specifically formulated to reduce triboelectric noise to a minimum.
$22 street


’59 Vintage Pancake PatcherSpace saving with angled, flat connectors, these textile-jacketed cables may have a retro look, but they feature high-quality copper and low capacitance for clear signal transmission.
$45 street (package of 3)


Flat Patch Cable
The flat, flexible design of these space-saving cables might just allow another pedal on your board. Well-shielded to prevent signal loss, they also feature very low conductor resistance.
$5 street


CorePlus These cables have a durable outer jacket, utilize 26-gauge bare copper for the center core to ensure a clean signal transfer, and boast high-density spiral shielding to prevent RF interference.
$18 street

Divine Noise

Patch Cable III These made-to-order cables are soldered by hand, utilize G&H plugs, features a heavy duty PVC outer jacket that is both durable and flexible, and carry a lifetime warranty.
$29 street
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