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Tsakalis AudioWorks Intoduces the Crown British Overdrive Pedal

Tsakalis AudioWorks Intoduces the Crown British Overdrive Pedal

A variety of British-style tones from plexi to AC.

Athens, Greece (Ocober 26, 2016) -- Tsakalis AudioWorks introduces the Crown British Style Overdrive pedal, which offers a variety of “British School” amps in a small size

The Crown pedal was designed to mimic tones from a clean Plexi and AC, to a rich and full detailed JMC overdrive. Ideal for boosting a British amp to get a crunch tone at lower level, or giving that British tone to every amp.

Using JFET technology and combining three calibrated stages in cascade mode, the tone is very smooth, tube-like, and touch sensitive, adding natural-musical compression at high gain settings.

Equipped with three knobs (drive, color & level) and two toggle switches (fat & hot), the Crown is very versatile and easy to dial up with different types of amps and guitars.

Color is a very powerful control offering a useful range of sounds. With this control you can go through a range of British-style amps, but also match the pedal with different guitars and amps. Combine it with the Drive control and you get unlimited “sweet spots”!

You have the ability to modify the “amp” you select! Add bass and body with the fat toggle switch, and more punch and bite with the hot toggle switch.

Suggested street price : 175 Euros

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