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Vertex Effects Introduces the Nyle Compressor and Preamp

Two circuits in its enclosure—a vintage rack compressor and a vintage-style mic preamp.

Los Angeles, CA (October 21, 2019) -- Vertex Effects has announced the newest addition to the company’s line of effects, the Nyle Compressor and Preamp. The Nyle contains two circuits in its enclosure: a vintage rack compressor and a vintage-style mic preamp. The legendary circuit combination perfectly emulates the direct-in signal chain used to conjure the classic punchy clean tones of the 1970s. However, the Nyle does more than turn your rig into a funk factory.

The compressor side of the Nyle provides well-balanced compressed tones, cleaning up your sound and adding sustain without jeopardizing dynamics. The preamp side allows you to get surgical with your clean tone, providing responsive volume, EQ, and gain controls. If the clean funk tone isn’t your thing, you can create harmonically-rich drive sounds by using both circuits in tandem and cranking the compressor’s volume control. With the Nyle, you can generate Prince-like tones with ease; however, the Nyle’s individual compressor and preamp circuits allow you to intricately shape your clean or driven tone to fit any genre.

The top row of knobs and toggles control the compressor side of the NYLE, offering traditional volume and sustain controls as well as ratio to control the blend of your dry and compressed signal. The three-way attack toggle switch allows you to control the sensitivity of the compressor, offering subtle to ultra-squashy compression. Additionally, you can use the three-way treble toggle switch to dial in high frequencies that best suit your rig. The bottom three knobs control the mic pre circuit, giving you control of the volume, EQ, and gain. The EQ adjusts the low-mid frequencies of your signal to bring out the warmth of the preamp circuit. If you have been on the hunt for that classic funk clean tone or glassy bass tone, the NYLE Compressor will put an end to your journey, offering compression, EQ shaping, and level control in one humble enclosure.


  • Analog Studio-Grade Compressor
  • "Vintage Voiced" Mic Preamp
  • 100% Mechanical True Bypass
  • Designed in California
  • Lifetime Warranty

The Nyle is priced at $249.99 and can be purchased from the Vertex web site.

Watch the company's video demo:

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