The V40 Deluxe comes in two formats: a 1 x 12 widebody combo with a Celestion G12H-75 Creamback speaker, and also a head in a traditional wooden sleeve.

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Victory V40 Deluxe

England (January 17, 2017) -- V40 Deluxe is evolved from our award-winning Compact Series V40 The Duchess head. (Guitarist Magazine Gear Of The Year 2015 / Guitar & Bass Magazine Gear Of The Year 2015.) V40 Deluxe is a 2 x 6L6-powered all-valve amp for classic American cleans through to ’60s British drive, all from one versatile channel. It has high- and low-power modes, a hard-bypassable series effects loop, plus footswitchable valve-driven tremolo and spring reverb. The reverb has controls for level and tone, enabling you to have a relatively darker or brighter toned reverb. V40 Deluxe comes in two formats: a 1 x 12 widebody combo with Celestion G12H-75 Creamback speaker, and also a head in a traditional wooden sleeve. The V40 Deluxe is part of the Victory Heritage Series.

Victory V40 Deluxe

  • Type: Single-channel all-valve 1x12 combo or head, with valve-driven spring reverb and tremolo
  • Power: 2 x 6L6: 42 watts high power / 7 watts low power
  • Size (mm): Combo: 598(w) x 453(h) x 250(d). Head as V130
  • Weight: Combo: 24kg Head: 12.5kg
  • SRP pricing, Jan 2017: £Sterling / €Euro / $USD
  • 1 x 12 Combo: £1,569 / €1,799 / $1,849
  • Head: £1,249 / €1,439 / $1,449

V130 The Super Countess is evolved from our best-selling V30 The Countess model. It was the first ever Victory Compact Series head, designed in conjunction with guitar phenomenon, Guthrie Govan, as his ‘flying’ amp.  For 2017 we’ve developed an up-scaled, wooden-sleeve version, with a mighty 100-watt 6L6 power section and four footswitchable modes, two per channel.

The high-headroom Clean channel has footswitchable ‘clean’ and ‘crunch’ modes, the latter providing on-the-edge breakup tones to full-on classic rock drive. (V30 The Countess does not have the ‘crunch’ mode.) The Overdrive channel has two voice settings; Voice II is the classic V30 OD sound, while Voice I is new and offers tighter bottom end and slightly lower gain. V130 The Super Countess also has an effects loop. It’s a phenomenally versatile, powerful workhorse that’s super simple to use: mighty tones for any style. V130 The Super Countess is part of the Victory Heritage Series.

Victory V130 The Super Countess

  • Type: Two-channel / four-mode all-valve head
  • Power: 4 x 6L6: 100 watts high power / 30 watts low power
  • Size (mm): 480(w) x 235(h) x 235(d)
  • Weight: 16kg
  • SRP pricing, Jan 2017: £Sterling / €Euro / $USD
  • Head: £1,329 / €1,529 / $1,499

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