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3rd Power Amplification Unveils the Citizen Gain

The Citizen Gain boasts big crunch at any volume thanks to patented technology.

Nashville, TN (January 22, 2016) -- Operating on a pair of EL34 power tubes, the Citizen Gain is a great looking higher-gain tube amplifier that’s capable of sounding and feeling like a 100W high-gain beast but at volume levels associated with 1 watt and up to 40 watts thanks to HybridMASTER.


  • Handwired, point to point turret board construction
  • Patented HybridMASTER volume management
  • 9 selectable EQ and Preamp response modes
  • All custom Mercury Magnetics transformers
  • Internal operating voltages up to 500V DC for lightning-quick pick response
  • All tube pedal optimized FX loop
  • Accutronics studio-quality dual mode spring reverb (SR Model only)
  • Dual JJ E34L output tubes, 5 or 6 12AX7 preamp tubes (depending on model)
  • Custom tolex options available through our custom shop


  • Citizen Gain: Compact head (no reverb), 18" x 10" x 9.33", weighs 24.5 lbs.
  • Citizen Gain SR: Standard head (studio-quality dual mode reverb. 24” wide, weighs 31.5 lbs.
  • 112 combo version with reverb, 25” wide, weighs ~55 lbs.

During the development of the Citizen Gain, 3RD POWER referenced and compared choice examples of modern high-gain and vintage modded amplifiers and in particular, the legendary 100w variety. The goal was multi-layered: capture the tones, attitude and punch of the heavyweights, enhance them for modern application and use, and make sure the sweet-spot was wide enough to cover the broadest range of British crunch tones as possible. With its 9 different modes of operation, the Citizen Gain delivers higher-gain guitar tones that range from raunchy and rude to slick and polished, and yet a superb clean tone can be had by simply rolling back your guitar’s volume knob. With the company's patented HybridMASTER volume management circuitry, the entire sonic experience can be had at whatever volume level is right for the room.

“While developing the Citizen Gain, it was my observation that practically every single legendary rock studio recording had reverb as an integral component to the guitar tone. I optimized our all-tube dual mode Accutronics reverb circuit to emulate the legendary plate and hall sounds that you will find on most of these recordings. With the Citizen Gain, you really can achieve the sound you hear in your head all at a volume that’s perfect for your situation,” said James Scott, founder and Amp Artist at 3RD POWER.

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