In the late 1960s, Fender began expanding its product line by experimenting with new designs and finish options, each with varying degrees of success. After toying with dyed wood and multicolored finishes in the Coronado series, the company decided to go straight to the heart of the popular psychedelic aesthetic, and, in 1968, the Paisley Red and Blue Flower Telecasters were born. These distinctive finishes were created by adhering flower- and paisley-patterned wallpaper directly to the slab body. After the glue dried, a sunburst-like technique was used to add depth to the finish, and the bodies were then finished with a clear coat. To top it all off, these Teles sported a clear plastic pickguard that allowed the full effect of the happening colors to shine through.

Featured here is an incredible pair of paisley Telecasters—a 6-string guitar and a 4-string Telecaster bass. Released in May of 1968, Tele basses were only briefly finished with paisleys and flowers. Both of these instruments are all-original, and they’re in incredible shape. The serial numbers place their production dates in the middle of ’68, with the guitar reading 220649 and the bass stamped 234628. Unfortunately, the paisley and flower finishes didn’t quite catch on and were phased out rather quickly, making this great set a rare find.

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