5. Sonuus — Keeping with the high-tech trend, my next pick is the Sonuus Voluum pedal. An analog/digital hybrid, Voluum offers a variety of level-compensating effects including gate/expander, limiter, compressor, tremolo, and standard volume control. Settings can be saved to presets, and the upgradeable firmware promise to make that Voluum “future-proof.” (sonuus.com)

4. Hotone Audio — I love tiny pedals! I stumbled across the Hotone Skyline Series and immediately became smitten. Ultra-compact yet loaded with features, these pedals brought me back to discovering the Guyatone Micros all those years ago. With great sound quality and fantastic price points, the Skylines are sure to impress. (hotoneaudio.com)

3. Aalberg Audio — One of the best things about NAMM is discovering those “why didn’t I think of that?” products. Aalberg Audio’s wireless delay is one of these. EKKO is a multi-function digital delay that, when combined with the wireless Aero controller, lets you adjust effect parameters remotely from your instrument. Cutting-edge technology put to practical use! (aalbergaudio.com)

2. Audio-Technica — More innovation in the wireless domain: the System 10, a 24-bit, UHF wireless system that fits in your pedalboard. It also features a foot switchable output mode selector to mute signal and/or route to a tuner. (audio-technica.com)

1. OGRE — While innovation and functionality are worthy product attributes, there’s a lot to be said for something that is just plain cool. Korea’s OGRE pedals deliver cool in spades, with die-cast chassis in the shape of disembodied robot and monster heads. Glowing eyes indicate effect status while controls are accessed via “flip-top” faceplates or by turning horns on the monster head. These aren’t just pedals—they’re functional works of art that sound as amazing as they look. (ogre.kr)

So there it is: my Top 10 coolest pedals from NAMM. Now get down, get going, and go git sum!