ENGL Powerball II


Street $2149.99
Watts: 100
Tubes: 6L6GC
The Powerball II picks up where the first one left off, giving users four channels, ENGL’s Power Tube Monitoring (PTM) system, dual masters, and a footswitchable noise gate.

• Four channels (Clean, Crunch, and two Leads), each with Volume and Gain controls
• Bottom sound switches on Lead channels; Bright and Bottom sound switches on Clean and Crunch channels
• Bass, Middle, Treble EQ controls on Clean and Crunch channels; Bass, Middle or Middle-Boosted (switchable), and Treble controls on Lead channels
• Dual Master controls
• Presence and Depth Punch controls
• Footswitchable noise gate
• Footswitchable effects loop with Balance control
• Electronic Power Tube Monitoring system (PTM) with LED indication