The band went to the desert and made an expansive, “on the brink” recording.

Big Thief

Two Hands

Big Thief’s second release of 2019, Two Hands, is raw. On the heels of their exceptional third album, U.F.O.F., the band moved into Sonic Ranch, located in hot, barren Tornillo, Texas, just over the Mexican border, and that stark environment informs the album. Recorded live, it’s a showcase for their interplay and sensitivity. But it has teeth, too. The album’s bedrock guitar tones are edgy, but that doesn’t overpower their nuance, hovering at the point of breaking up, which is the charm.

Two Hands’ peak is “Not,” which is pulsating, relentless, and boils over during Adrianne Lenker’s noisy, angular, dissonant fretwork that closes the track. “Wolf” follows, haunting and beautiful, in juxtaposition to “Not,” which, similar to the band’s barebones approach to recording, is illustrative of their depth. It’s a wonderful journey. A glimpse into an intimate, emotional space, but with room for growth and air to breathe.

Must-hear tracks: “Not,” “The Toy”

Want to play different pedal sequences in a flash? These handy boxes provide more tone solutions than you might realize.

There is no right or wrong way to wire a pedalboard. It’s really a matter of personal taste and what our ears find pleasing. Every musician has their own thing, and our pedalboards are certainly an extension of that. For some, reconfiguring the pedalboard is a lifelong process, and adding a new device often means something has got to go, because real estate is crucial!

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Misfits guitarist Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein unveils a new line of strings, collaborating with Josh Vittek of Sheptone.

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My years-long search for the “right” Bigsby-outfitted box finally paid off. Now how do I make this sumbitch work in my band?

Considering the amount of time I’ve spent (here and elsewhere) talking about and lusting after Gretsch hollowbody guitars, it’s taken me a remarkably long time to end up with a big Bigsby-outfitted box I truly love. High-end Gretsches are pricey enough that, for a long time, I just couldn’t swing it. Years ago I had an Electromatic for a while, and it looked and played lovely, but didn’t have the open, blooming acoustic resonance I hoped for. A while later, I reviewed the stellar Players Edition Broadkaster semi-hollow, and it was so great in so many ways that I set my sights on it, eventually got one, and adore it to this day. Yet the full-hollowbody lust remained.

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