Demeter Amplification Releases the TGA-2.1 Amp

The TGA-2.1 is now available with five different power amp sections and two different preamp styles.

Templeton, CA (November 1, 2011) -- Carrying on the tradition of innovative design started in 1986 with the TGA-3, Demeter Amplification has refined their design without he new TGA-2.1, now available with five different power amp sections and two different preamp styles.

The TGA-2.1 can be built with 20-, 50-, or 100-watt class AB or, like the classic TGA-3 amps, with 75- or 120-watt class A (ultra linear) amplifier sections. The TGA-2.1 comes standard with 6L6 tubes (6V6 on the 20-watt), but EL34s or 6550s can be requested.

In addition, Demeter now offers two signature preamp styles: Dean DeLeo style (rock) and Sonny Landreth style (blues). All amps have channel footswithing between Clean and Dirty and Solo and Edge. Additional features include Dark, Mid-Boost, and Edge switches on the amp's dirty channel as well as a Bright switch for the clean channel. The clean channel also has Gain and Master controls, while the dirty channel has Solo Gain, Edge Gain, and Master. The controls are rounded out by Treble, Middle, Bass, and Presence controls as well as effects send and return.

Demeter says the amp ranges from the cleanest of clean to the dirtiest of dirt and everything in between. All amps are custom built and start at $1999.

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