Digging deep into tuning problems

Alsip, IL (May 1, 2008) - We''ve all run into unexpected or at least unexplained tuning issues. Why do some notes register in two stages (attack and sustain) on a tuner and what can you do about it? Why would a harmonic not work in the right spot? Why would a solo sound slightly out of tune even if a guitar is in tune before and after you play it? The list goes on, and the answers aren''t always what you think they are.

Here''s a two part conversation between PG''s Brett Petrusek and Chris Labriola of Peterson Tuners that explores different schools of thought on some common and not so common tuning issues and solutions.

In Part I they cover some basics regarding the relationship between a properly intonated guitar''s 12th fret and a harmonic over the 12th fret, issues regarding string attack and how a tuner can be used actively.

In Part II they take a look at some strobe tuners and discuss how they size up against needle tuners (speed indicators vs. distance indicators, input sampling, etc.).

For more information about tuning go to PetersonTuners.com and click on "Tuning Library." The sites hosts a number of videos, links and articles on the topic.
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