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Free The Tone Announces the Ambi Space Digital Reverb

Free The Tone Announces the Ambi Space Digital Reverb

A high-tech reverberation machine built to explore the depths of space.

Kanagawa, Japan (September 26, 2016) -- The Free The Tone Ambi Space AS-1R has amazing sound quality attained by high-speed calculations using a 32-bit high-precision DSP. You can create sounds with a rich harmonic structure that are created by complex reverberation patterns being added to the reverb sound in multiple stages to realize unprecedented, transparent, and spatial reverb sounds.


  • The Ambi Space uses a dual core chip with a 32-bit main CPU and 32-bit co-processor and performs high speed calculations using the 32-bit high precision DSP to generate sounds comparable to those from rackmount effects units.
  • Up to four settings can be memorized as presets. These four presets can be recalled by MIDI program-change numbers.
  • Six reverb modes are provided: spring, plate, room, hall, cave, and serene.
  • Original (dry) sounds pass through the unit from input to output as analog signals and are mixed with reverb sounds by the internal analog mixer, so the unit can output signals without spoiling the original sound quality.
  • The unit contains one of the major features of the Free The Tone products, the HTS (Holistic Tonal Solution) circuit. It manages signals comprehensively from input to output so that there is no change in sound character when the effect is turned on or off.

Ambi Space carries a suggested retail price of $380 and can be purchased after November 21, 2016 through our North American dealers.

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