Fuchs Releases Wild Card 100

Fuchs Audio have released another amp in its Casino line–the Wild Card 100.

Clifton, NJ (February 1, 2013) – The Wild Card 100, the 5th amp in the Casino Line, has a push-pull and Class-AB output stage which can use 6L6 or EL-34 tubes with each power tube has its own bias control eliminating the need for matched tubes, while the preamp features 3-12AX7 tubes.

Like its lower powered siblings, the Wild Card-100 features two channels, which share a bass-middle-treble tone stack, a digital reverb with level and decay controls, as well as an overdrive channel with its own output tone control. The unit also features a passive effects loop, and 4-8-16 ohm outputs. The amps are built on aluminum chassis for light weight and superior tone. The power and output iron are custom made in the USA by Heyboer Corp. The amp features single point grounding, regulated DC power for the filaments and all relays.

MAP for the Wild Card 100 is $2,095

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