A few highlights from Day 3 of NAMM.

The simultaneously elegant and jaw-dropping Sauvage Guitars One-Piece Master is exactly what it says—a stunningly luxurious one-off 6-string whose entire body, neck, and headstock are carved from a single slab of ash olive burl. Its fretboard is of flamed maple, its nut is of fossilized woolly mammoth tusk, its bridge is of the finest Damascus steel, and the pickups are topped with aircraft-grade aluminum fashioned to resemble a fine vintage automobile's rear windows.

Des Rocs on Queen's "We Will Rock You" | Hooked

Daniel Rocco explains how the News of the World track deconstructed the rock-song formula, compares the opening to Jaws, and praises Brian May's wizardry.

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Megadeth founder teams up with Gibson for his first acoustic guitar in the Dave Mustaine Collection.

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Gibson 1960 Les Paul 0 8145 is from the final year of the model’s original-production era, and likely from one of the later runs.

The story of 1960 Gibson Les Paul 0 8145—a ’burst with a nameplate and, now, a reputation.

These days it’s difficult to imagine any vintage Gibson Les Paul being a tough sell, but there was a time when 1960 ’bursts were considered less desirable than the ’58s and ’59s of legend—even though Clapton played a ’60 cherry sunburst in his Bluesbreakers days. Such was the case in the mid 1990s, when the family of a local musician who was the original owner of one of these guitars walked into Rumble Seat Music’s original Ithaca, New York, store with this column’s featured instrument.

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