Here's a taste of the gear we came across during the first day of Summer NAMM, with tone toys from Fender, Seymour Duncan, Bullhead Amplification, and more.

323 Effects

Mo Nelson's 323 Effects company previously built limited edition effects for Pure Salem guitars. His own 323 branded effects debuted at ‪‎NAMM‬. Steel City $130 street) is a very nice JFET overdrive sounds great for Stonsey riffs!) His Ram's Head Muff clone ($120 street) is a very versatile take on the breed--with switchable Ge/Si clipping--and a smooth sustaining monster. The Timbers OD ($130) is a great sounding MOSFET/l.e.d. switchable unit. And the Ridges digital reverb ($175) switches between hall, spring, and a tasteful shimmer mode.