A studio visit with the new gear-heavy improv/art-rock supergroup that includes Henry Kaiser, Andy West, and Anthony Pirog.

Anthony’s runner-up is this custom Shelton GalaxyFlite. It’s also got coil-splitting Joe Barden pickups and a Graph Tech bridge with an Acousti-Phonic pickup, for acoustic-guitar-like sounds. The guitar has three outs—for the bridge piezo, the regular guitar signal, and a 13-pin connecter for synth or laptop interface. And by the way, he’s nuts about BlueChip picks. “I saw Julian Lage play with one, and then I saw the bluegrass guys on their website and I was hooked. He uses a TPR-50 and also digs in with a Clayton Teardrop, “because I saw that Danny Gatton and Roy Buchanan use those small white picks.”

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