Explore the three keys that propel the band’s prog-rock orbit: custom axes, pedal-platform tube amps, and stompboxes strengthened with modeling tech from Line 6.

Guitarist Rob Parr is an active user on the Offset Guitars forum and worked with another member and co-designed this contoured Jag-Stang offshoot that has come to be a Cave and Canary Auriga model. (Parr has said on the record—and in the video—that The Dear Hunter leader, Casey Crescenzo, did not make it mandatory for him to play a Cave and Canary instrument.) It has a short scale (24”), Mastery bridge and tailpiece, and is outfitted with custom-voiced McNelly Pickups that’s base point was the company’s gold-foil set. And from all his time spent playing on Jazzmasters, he incorporated those familiar switches—the knobs are master tone and volume. One of the knobs is a 3-way pickup selector and the other rocks between standard, mute, and a low-pass filter used for more rounded sounds. He strings up this bad boy with Ernie Ball Power Slinkys gauged .011–.054 and plays with Dunlop Tortex .73 mm picks.

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