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Get Off the Grid! - Feb. '21 Ex. 1

Blackstar's 100-watt pedal power amplifier has drive pedals in the front end, and is designed to deliver the tone and feel of a traditional valve amp.

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A 1921 A2 Gibson mandolin is reunited with a 1921 L2 Gibson guitar after an entire century.

For archtop lovers, there are few subjects more fascinating than the legacy of Orville Gibson.

One of my greatest inspirations as a guitar maker comes from my hope that the guitars I build will roam the planet long after I’m gone. Sometimes, when I’m on my some-hundredth hour of working on a guitar—sanding lacquer and chasing a flawless mirror finish—a vision of the instrument one hundred years from now will flash before my eyes. It’s a powerful reminder that along with a century of battle scars and music comes a certain beauty that only time will bring. With all the hustle and bustle of building brand-new guitars, sometimes I forget: I want to build guitars now, so that someday they will be old.

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Rig Rundown: Ariel Posen [2023]

The silky smooth slide man may raise a few eyebrows with his gear—a hollow, steel-bodied baritone and .017s on a Jazzmaster—but every note and tone he plays sounds just right.

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