GMF Music Unveils the Ai1 Acoustic Preamp

A studio-quality acoustic preamp and DI with plenty of features.

West Des Moines, IA (February 11, 2015) -- GMF Music is proud to announce the Ai1, an innovative DI with preamp. The Ai1 is a studio quality acoustic preamp and DI designed with uncompromising sound quality with included features for musicians on the go.

The Ai1 is designed to connect an acoustic instrument into any sound source including PA systems, home theater systems and with the optional 1/8-inch to RCA adapter even use a car stereo as an amplifier. This feature is great for a jam session on the beach or at the campground. In addition the Ai1 features RCA stereo line in and offers an MP3 interface adapter to add music or backing tracks to the mix.


  • 100% analog signal path
  • Active Tone controls
  • Gain control to allow for a wide range of pickup devices
  • Output Level control adjusts signal sent to ALL Outputs
  • Shape switch - quick way to notch the mids
  • Phase switch to quickly kill any acoustic feedback
  • GND (Ground) Lift to eliminate any ground loop problems
  • Headphone Out
  • Balanced Line Out (XLR)
  • Unbalanced Line Out
  • Stereo Line Out (RCA)
  • Stereo Line In (RCA)
  • Easy Access battery compartment

$199 MSRP

For more information:
GMF Music

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