Guitto Launches the Revolver Capo

A newly designed capo with an adjustable spring setup.

Shenzhen, China (June 20, 2019) -- Guitto is a whole new brand founded by JOYO Technology. Different from JOYO, this new brand is focused on creative accessories. Today we are announcing a new capo with unique design.

Have you ever observed your capo? A normal capo with too much pressure is very likely to mess up your tone. Try to play a note on your 6th string, then play multiple times with different pressure on your left-hand finger. You will hear slightly different tones between these notes. That's why you need a capo with an adjustable spring. With this capo, your strings will always stay in tune. What you see is what you hear.

GGC-02 also has other unique features. A nail puller is attached at the bottom of the handle, there's no more trouble when you change your strings. Besides, a hidden slot on the capo allows you to set a pick on it, you will never worry about losing picks on stage with this insurance mechanism.

This capo may be the most functional one you ever try.


  • Adjustable capo pressure.
  • Nail puller attached.
  • Hidden slot for pick.
  • Revolver shape design.

For more information:
JOYO Audio

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