KHE Audio Expands ACS Series of Amp Switchers

A line of seven different switchers that allow you to move between various amps, cabs, and load boxes.

Lucerne, Switzerland (August 5, 2020) -- KHE Audio is proud to announce the expansion of the product line-up of our amplifier and cabinet selector – The ACS-Series! It consists of 7 switcher models, differing in size, features, and switching capabilities, creating the perfect switching solution for every setup. The KHE ACS lets you seamlessly switch between all your guitars amplifiers, speaker cabinets and load boxes, by the single push of a button, without interrupting your workflow.

Amp switchers are incredibly useful in any situations where multiple amps and cabs are available, such as recording studios, music stores or in a collector’s basement. They remove the tedious task of un-plugging and re-arranging guitar amplifiers when a different sound is needed. Focus on your sound and creativity, instead of wasting your time with plugging cables and waiting for amps to warm-up!


  • Amp and Cab Switching – instantly switch between all your amps and cabs, without interrupting your guitar playing
  • FX-Loop Switching - connect all amplifiers fx-loops to the master effects loop of the ACS and share effect pedals like delays, gates, reverb and chorus with all amps
  • Attenuator Insert – attenuate the volume of all amps by inserting a global power attenuator into the post-amplifier pre-speaker insert loop
  • Dual-Cab Mode - activate and play two speaker cabinets or load boxes in parallel at the same time
  • Midi Control - manage your entire amp collection at your footstep by using MIDI footswitch to control the ACS
  • Link-Mode - combine and link multiple ACS switchers together and create the perfect switching system. Mix and Match the different models, and grow your switching system with your needs! 4x2, 4x4, 8x4, 8x1, 8x8, 12x4, 16x4, 16x8 ... everything is possible!

The KHE ACS is compatible with all types of amplifiers and load devices, such as tube amps, solid-state amps, speaker cabinets, load boxes and power attenuators, up to 150 watts per channel. Inside the ACS, a digitally controlled relay matrix switches between all amps and cabs. The switching process is more silent than most amp’s channel switching!

The ACS is 100% safe for tube amplifiers: Load resistors protect the unused amplifiers and a load detection circuit supervises the cabinet jacks for the presence of a load device. If no load is connected, the cabinet outputs are automatically locked and excluded from the switching operation. This ensures amplifiers can never be activated without a real load connected.

Product Line-Up

  • ACS 4x2 - 4 Amplifiers, 2 Cabinets $699 - Compact desk-style amp-cab-switcher aimed for smaller setups
  • ACS 4x4 - 4 Amplifiers, 4 Cabinets $899 - 19" 1U amp-cab-switcher for medium-sized setups
  • ACS 4x4 FX - 4 Amplifiers, 4 Cabinets, 4 switchable FX-Loops $1099 - Identical to the 4x4 with additional fx-loop switching
  • ACS 8x4 - 8 Amplifiers, 4 Cabinets $1099 - 19" 1U rack size for larger amp cab setups
  • ASX 8 - 8 Amplifiers, 1 Cabinet $899 - Standalone Amp-Switcher, or to expand other switchers with 8 Amplifiers
  • CSX 8 - 1 Amplifier, 8 Cabinets $699 - Standalone Cab-Switcher, or to expand other switchers with 8 Cabinets
  • AFX 8 - 8 switchable FX-Loops $699 - FX-Loop Switching unit as an add-on for the ACS 8x4 and the ASX 8

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