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Killer Guitar Components Introduces the Fat Bottom Bridge

Killer Guitar Components Introduces the Fat Bottom Bridge

The new bridge is designed for electric guitars with 6-saddle tremolos and hardtail bridges.

Gloucester, MA (May 7, 2019) -- After years of innovation in improving tone and overall quality of many guitar components, KGC has a new and very unique add-on upgrade for electric guitars with 6-saddle tremolo and hardtail bridges. The Patent Pending Fat Bottom is a machined brass bar designed to add mass to the bridge of the guitar. Many of today’s OEM bridges are made of thin, stamped metal – adding the Fat Bottom increases resonance, sustain, stability and improves tone. The Fat Bottom also gives the player a comfortable place to rest the palm and, on tremolo bridges, allows the user to simply push on the bar with the palm for a unique fluttering vibrato sound.

CNC machined to exact specs and designed to fit as a direct extension of your OEM bridge plate. Matching radius on each edge, a smooth beveled and brushed finish allows the player a comfortable surface for their hand and gives the guitar a custom look of quality craftsmanship and a boutique aesthetic.

Installation is extremely easy and requires no permanent modifications to the guitar. The Fat Bottom installs using the existing hardware that attaches the saddles to the bridge plate. Simply remove the saddle intonation screws and re-attach them through the holes in the Fat Bottom®.

There are two models of Fat Bottom currently available directly through – Vintage (2-7/32” String Spacing) and Narrow (2-1/16” String Spacing). Introductory Retail Price of $49.95 each includes one machined brass Fat Bottom and installation instructions. For Dealer Inquiries, please contact Business Manager Rick Peek at

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