Mission Engineering Releases the Johnny A. Signature Rewah Pro and VM-PRO

The Mission Rewah Pro Signature Edition is built around a custom inductor and includes a JFET output buffer.

Petaluma, CA (May 1, 2014) -- Mission Engineering Inc., the world's only manufacturer of professional quality expression pedals optimized for performance with specific amplifiers, processors and effects, today added two Johnny A. Signature pedals to its line up.

The Mission Rewah Pro Signature Edition is built around a custom inductor of the type used in high-end audio amplifiers, the inductance and resistance are the same as the vintage halo inductors that are highly coveted for wah pedals. The huge core, twice the size of a typical coil, results in excellent bass response and little saturation. Dual transistor, JFET output buffer, and hardwired True Bypass ensure extremely low noise. The Johnny A. signature edition is finished in vintage gold and configured with Johnny’s preferred settings.

The Mission VM-PRO is the most sophisticated volume pedal ever made. Using quality components and designed to exacting specifications, the VMPRO introduces several innovative features never seen before in a volume pedal to meet the needs of the professional musician. Together these resolve many of the common issues with volume pedals that cause tone sucking and mismatching problems whatever your instrument. The VM-PRO works with most guitars including electric, electro-acoustic, baritone or bass. It also works with many other instruments including electronic keyboards, steel guitars, and instrument microphones such as harmonica and horn mics. The Johnny A. Edition is finished in Johnny’s signature vintage gold.

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