Option Knob Introduces the Danger Zone

A phaser/trem combo that tips its hat to '80s nostalgia.

Tuscaloosa, AL (January 16, 2019) -- The Danger Zone is a phaser/tremolo double pedal. It covers the industry standard sounds needed in both effects, while also providing the ability to make mind-bending bionic phase-shifting sounds that have never been heard before. It’s designed for maximum foot control over parameters, and is jam packed with sonic easter eggs for the genuine effects enthusiast.


  • There are built-in sonic surprises found at the top end of the Phaser Rate, and by enabling the Secret Weapon Mach II switch.
  • Individual Volume light indicators give maximum control over tone while pulsing to indicate the speed of each Rate.
  • Comes standard with 2 WingMan foot-control knobs on the Rate controls for both Phaser and Tremolo effects.
  • The Depth controls for both effects have large round knobs placed on the left and right outer sides of the pedal allowing you to use your foot to brush the sides of the knobs to change depths while leaving clearance to actuate the WingMan knobs on the Rates.

MSRP: $249.95

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