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Palmer Presents the Acoustic Pocket Amp

An effects pedal and preamp designed to use with acoustic instruments.

Neu-Anspach, Germany (June 4, 2019) -- The Adam Hall Group brand Palmer presents the Acoustic Pocket Amp, a versatile combined effects pedal and preamp for use with acoustic instruments.

Following on from the Pocket Amp Bass and the Pocket Amp MK2 for electric guitars, the new Acoustic Amp is a dedicated acoustic amplifier specifically designed to deliver flexible, portable amplification and sound processing for acoustic stringed instruments. With three instrument modes (acoustic guitar, acoustic bass, magnetic pickups) and three selectable basic sounds (flat, modern, vintage), the Acoustic Pocket Amp provides for all musicians’ needs – from practice to live performance and home or studio recording.

Flexible inputs and outputs

The Acoustic Pocket Amp features a mono line input (6.3 mm jack) with a switchable –12dB attenuator to facilitate the processing of both passive and active instrument pickups. Outputs include a 6.3 mm jack output for connection to an amplifier or a PA, a thru output for tuning devices and a balanced XLR DI output. The latter can be selected pre or post the internal signal processing, whereby the Acoustic Pocket Amp also functions as a DI box. Additional features include an FX insert for the connection of external effects, a headphone output for monitoring and a stereo auxiliary input (all 3.5 mm jacks) for external audio players such as MP3 players or smartphones.

Continuous signal processing

The 3-band EQ with semi-parametric mid control and separate notch filter facilitates accurate adjustment of the amplified acoustic signals to specific requirements. The direct and preamp signals can be mixed as required with the integrated blend control. The robust foot switch with optional bypass, mute or tuning function is located on the front panel.

The Acoustic Pocket Amp is complemented with a sturdy die-cast housing and LED status indicators. The Acoustic Pocket Amp requires power from a 9-volt monobloc battery or an AC adapter.

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