Peavey Releases New Amp Models for ReValver 4

The update includes the Angel PBII amp module, Angel cab models, and the Metal Pack Bundle.

Meriden, MS (December 2, 2013) -- Peavey Electronics announced that the ReValver Amp Store has been updated with the release of the Angel PBII amp module, Angel cab models, and the long-awaited Metal Pack Bundle.

The versatile Angel PBII amp module features four channels that span chiming cleans, a powerful crunch and two rich, high gain channels with a solo defining mid focus switch, dual master volumes and a noise gate. This Teutonic terror is a metal staple and offers a smoother, more focused distortion. To compliment the Angel PBII are three cabinets: the Angel Standard 4x12 Straight, the Angel Retro 4x12 Straight and the Angel Classic 210 Combo.

Also new to the ReValver Amp Store is the Metal Pack Bundle, which groups ReValver’s most crushing offerings into one lethal payload. The Metal Bundle features four of the most sought-after amps in metal. Whether your sound is brutal modern metal, epic power metal, or the blackest of black metal, this bundle delivers.

The Metal Pack Bundle includes:

  • 6505+ amp model
  • 3120+ amp model
  • Angel PBII amp model
  • Demon amp model
  • Black Death distortion pedal
  • Käften noise gate

Price: $21.99

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