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PedalSnake Introduces Line of Pedal-to-Pedal Interconnect Cables

PedalSnake Introduces Line of Pedal-to-Pedal Interconnect Cables

The cables will be available in the four most popular lengths.

Raleigh, NC (March 28, 2019) -- In their continuing effort to be a “one-stop shop” for effects pedal users, PedalSnake has introduced their own line of pedal-to-pedal interconnect cables.

Jody Page, president of PedalSnake, explains: “A few years back, I was redesigning my pedalboard, and tried to find all the various lengths of interconnect cables that I needed to do things efficiently. It wasn’t easy, and I actually ended up making some of them myself. So we decided then and there to introduce our own line of pedal-to-pedal interconnect cables.”

The result is a full line of pedal interconnects, offering the four most popular lengths: 6”, 12”, 18”, and 24”. All sport space-saving right-angle plugs, encased in a rugged, custom mold of high-impact PE, with a custom strain relief that stands up well to abuse. The cable used is a flexible, sturdy 24AWG coax, with 100% foil shield for a long life of quiet, reliable operation.

“Good pedalboard design is not a trivial task”, Page continues. “We want folks to be able to figure out what they need, then find it and order it quickly and easily.”

As their customers know, PedalSnake is one of the most respected guitar-related products in the world. “Like all PedalSnake products”, Page concludes, “these are affordable, no-nonsense cables, with no unnecessary bells and whistles, gimmicks, or hype. It has always been our goal to be that ‘one stop shop’ that guitar pedal users can trust for smart products, and we just got better. That goes for our website too, which strive to make the world’s best resource for ‘all things pedal’.”

Street Prices

  • Pedal-to-Pedal Cables $6, $7, $8, and $9 (6”, 12”, 18”, 24”)
  • PedalSnake Systems Starting at $96

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