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Quick Hit: Gretsch Streamliner G2622T Review

Quick Hit: Gretsch Streamliner G2622T Review

An affordable classic that blends traditional styling with tonal versatility.

The sultry mix of a semi-hollow guitar, Bigsby tailpiece, and Filter’Tron-style pickups catches the attention of more than just the neo-rockabilly set. Now, more than ever, this tried-and-true tonal recipe has migrated into the good graces of modern red-dirt country-radio jams and the next generation of Cult-inspired hard rockers. At the Winter NAMM show, Gretsch brought out the Streamliner Collection, an affordable line that gathers up several aesthetic and stylistic elements of the famed company’s past and includes the G2622T.

Outfitted in a beautiful Torino Green finish, the G2622T has everything one would expect in a classic Gretsch. The Bigsby-licensed B70 vibrato tailpiece had plenty of wobble—especially as I strummed through some “James Bond” chords—and the 12” radius neck was smooth and fast. Admittedly, I’m always wary of non-standard wiring setups, but the blendable Broad’Tron pickups gave me more sonic territory to explore than expected. The highs weren’t as prominent as they might be on other ’Tron-style pickups, but the mid frequencies were enough to make me rip out some Billy Duffy riffs and slick my hair back. With a budget-friendly guitar, there are accommodations to be made. So while the G2622T might have some mechanical compromises, it more than makes up for them in vibe and feel.

Test gear: Fender Deluxe Reverb, Wampler Hot Wired V2, Truetone Route 66


Classic Gretsch styling. Stayed in tune well.

Could use slightly hotter pickups.