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Retro-Sonic Unveils New Flanger

Retro-Sonic Unveils New Flanger

An analog recreation of a classic '70s flanger.

Ottawa, Canada (July 12, 2019) -- The Retro-Sonic Flanger provides the distinctive liquidy character and chorusy flanging of the late seventies “18v Electric Mistress”. This “true to original” all analog modern recreation of the original uses a BBD path as the original unit to recreate the classic EM tones. These early original versions are known for being very noisy (even when they were switched off) and had a nasty volume drop when engaged. These issues have been corrected in this modernized version of the pedal.

The Retro-Sonic Flanger is capable of a wide range of sounds from chorusing to vibrato, to classic sweeping flange. The circuited is designed to emulate the wide sweep of the original and runs optimally at 18v just like the original V2 EM.


  • Rate, Range and Color control
  • Overall Level control to adjust perfect unity gain (no volume drop)
  • Heavy duty foot switch for True By-Pass switching
  • Analog BBD delay path
  • Powered by 12-18VDC

U.S. Street price $199.00

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