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Revv Amplification Unveils Newly Revamped Generator 100 & 120 Heads

Revv Amplification Unveils Newly Revamped Generator 100 & 120 Heads

The upgrades to the 120 include an improved Channel 3 in a more compact chassis.

Manitoba, Canada (April 27, 2016) -- After their smashing success right out of the gate with the original Generator 100 and 120 at their first NAMM show in 2015, Revv Amplification is back with improved versions of both heads.

Since the release of the original amps, the top players of the rock and metal world have heaped endless praise upon the Generator series. The upgrades to the beastly 4-channel 120 include an improved, thicker sounding Channel 3 in a head that is lighter by 8 pounds and shorter by 2 inches. The most modern all-tube amp on the market is also now multi-watt, with an added switch to set each channel to either 10 watts or the full 100 or 120.

Many of the settings and controls on the Generator 100 & 120 are MIDI accessible, making it easy to integrate into any sophisticated effects and switching setup. The included footswitch can save presets, enabling next-level options for live performance.


  • Revv Amps are available in 4 formats: the Generator 100 2-channel head, Generator 120 4-channel head, the smaller Generator 7-40 2-channel head, or the Dynamis combo amp
  • Each high-gain channel has a programable 3-level Aggression switch, which allows for variable gain levels on the same channel
  • Custom tolex/chassis colors available
  • Each amp's faceplate can be laser etched with your band's logo and your name
  • Every amp has a special cable that powers the light up Revv logo on every Revv cab - and they change color when you change the channel

Price: $1949 for the 2-channel 100 and $2699 for the 4 channel 120.

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