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Revv Amps Unleashes the G20

Revv Amps Unleashes the G20

A high-gain lunchbox amp loaded with Two Notes' virtual cabinets and reactive load.

Winnipeg, Manitoba (January 9, 2020) -- Revv Amplification have returned after a year of research & development to bring you the G20, an all-tube lunchbox amplifier that brings huge high gain tone & Two notes reactive load & virtual cabinets in one portable made-in-Canada package.

"The G20 was the next logical step. D20 was received so well & immediately people were dropping it into their studios, live rigs, modeling rigs - the tube tone & Torpedo-Embedded together can give you great tone in any situation, including some we didn’t even think of ourselves! The D20 worked so great for pedal users so also putting our signature gain sound into that form factor just made sense. It sounds & feels great! It was important to me that we get our high gain Purple Channel tone right, but I also added some quality of life features like recalling different channels & voices with MIDI, as well as ensuring each Aggression Mode sounds very different so you have a lot of distinct tones available to you. The goal was to make something self contained for guitarists that don’t use a lot of pedals - I’m sure we’ll be surprised again by what people do with this amp!”


  • Crushing & clear high gain tones developed with feedback from leading artists & producers
  • 2 Channels, 3-band EQ + Volume & Gain controls, Aggression & Wide voice switches
  • Fully programmable & recallable via MIDI - or with optional footswitch
  • 2x 6v6, 3x 12ax7 - Switchable from 20 to 4 watts - Buffered Series FX Loop
  • Embedded Two notes Reactive Load & Virtual Cabinets
  • Go direct to Front of House, interface, or headphones without a cabinet
  • Hundreds of virtual mics, speakers, cabinets, EQ, reverb, & more available
  • 6 customizable Virtual Cabinet settings selectable via front knob - or up to 128 via MIDI
  • Weighs 9 pounds & includes fold-down handle

The G20's street price is $1299 & it can be purchased through many fine dealers or directly at

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