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Rig Rundown: Peter Frampton

One of classic rock’s most revered players walks us through his expansive collection of modded Marshalls, iconic Les Pauls, and vintage stomps.

At the heart of Frampton’s live rig lives a trio of 100-watt heads. The main amp (top) is the Marshall 100-watt Super Lead that was modded by Jose Arredondo to include a master volume and effects loop. The other two “Marshall” heads are exact clones of the main amp that were built by John Suhr. The middle amp is used exclusively for the Framptone talkbox and the bottom amp is a spare. There is a custom switch box behind the amps that allows switching between the main and spare heads instantly if there is ever an issue. It silently switches the input, FX send, FX return, and output of both amps all at the same time.